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Table top, smallest 3 flavor machine in Europe, air cooling

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Table top, smallest 3 flavor machine in Europe, air cooling

Main Power – 220/50

Rated Input KW – 1,6

Production L/H – 24

The refrigeration system – Single System

Hopper – 7L х 2

Freezing Cylinder – 1,7

Discharging port number –  2+1

Expansion valve – Danfoss

CompressorEmbraco Aspera NEK2180GK

Frozen refrigerating capacity3396BTU/hr

Frozen refrigerantsR404a/600g

Motor W 750

Condensor – Copper aluminum blade

Options – pre-cooling, rainbow function, air pump, alarm for lack of material

Precooling way – Auxiliary Precooling

Precooling refrigerating capacity –

Precooling refrigerant –

First start time – 7-12 minutes

Continuous production capcity – 22 cone

Re-start time – every 5 minutes

Ambient temperature – 10-38 ℃

Product Dimension – 415X640X720mm

Packing size – 470*700*830mm

Net weight – 91kgs

Gross weight – 106kgs

  1. Intelligent-computer controlled system with LCD display,regulates the hardness as you want.
  2.  The outer casing is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel,it is better than other 201 stainless steel.
  3. Patent design stainless steel mixer is efficient and specially made,strong and uniform mixing.
  4. The pre-cooling system ensures the freshness of the ice cream slurry.
  5. The alarm for lack of material makes the producing of ice cream easier and more convenient.
  6. The Copper aluminum blade helps give the most impressive heat dissipation effect.
  7. Unique patent design worm and gear reducer(without belt reducer)— low noise,longer service life,high precision.
  8. New type evaporator: screw thread design, cooling uniform, better continuous discharging ability, stainless cylinder.
    The fast-cooling evaporator helps give the most impressive cooling effect.
  9. Main refrigeration parts, all use well-known brands abroad,Aspera compressor from Italy;Danfoss Expansion valve from Denmark;
    Saginomity Solenoid valve from Japan.
    “C” Pre-cooling 150 $
    “P” Air pump 150 $ for one
    “A” Agitator 100$
    Payment: TT, 70% for start produce, 30% before delivery.
    Warranty: 1 year.


Вес 106 kg
Габариты 470 × 700 × 830 cm


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